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About Jingle on the Boulevard

Versatile Entertainment, Inc. is thrilled to announce the start of the highly anticipated Annual Jingle On The Boulevard Parade in New Orleans East. Established with the aim of bringing the joy of family fun and festivity back to the community, the Jingle On the Boulevard Parade is set to captivate and delight audiences of all ages. With a merry and vibrant atmosphere unique to New Orleans, there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than witnessing the dazzling sights and sounds of the Jingle On the Boulevard Parade. Expect an array of thrilling performances from local bands, spectacular floats, and an exciting appearance from Santa himself. Join in with the enthusiastic and spirited crowd as the parade commences, anticipating a grand community gathering like no other. Get immersed in the festival cheer and create new memories with your loved ones. You definitely do not want to miss this fun-filled event!


The Vision Behind Jingle on the Boulevard

We’re super excited to have created Jingle on the Boulevard! Our main goal was to bring back family fun to New Orleans East. We’re proud of the proactive approach we took as Versatile Entertainment, Inc. to ensure the community maintains its identity and to expand economic development and tourism activities within the City of Orleans. Today, Jingle on the Boulevard is one of the many cultural events that contribute to improving the quality of life for residents and ensuring a steady flow of tourism. We hope you can join us to celebrate our vibrant community and create lifelong memories with your loved ones!